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4th Ave & 9th Street, Ipswich, SD


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Property Information

  • Property ID: 322
  • Price: $10,275-$10,650
  • Property Type: Land
  • Year Built: 2014


Ipswich Public School Lots

Lots 1-3, Block 1; and Lots 1-6, Block 2, Re-plat of Arnolds Addition to Ipswich, Edmunds County, South Dakota, subject to all easements, reservation and restrictions of record, and the following restrictive covenant:

COVENANT RUNNING WITH LAND / RESTRICTIVE COVENANT and REVERSIONARY PROVISION: The above-described real property shall be used only for a residential home with adjacent yard, and the residential home must be substantially complete (capable of being inhabited) within two (2) years of date of closing. No mobile homes, industrial or commercial buildings or businesses shall be permitted on said real estate. Failure by buyer to have a substantially complete residential home constructed on the above described premises within two (2) years of date of closing shall result in Buyer transferring the real property herein described back to the Ipswich Public School District free of all encumbrances and the Ipswich Public School District, upon receipt of clear and merchantable title and a warranty deed from Buyer for the real estate shall refund 75% the purchase price to Buyer. This restrictive covenant, limitation, agreement, restriction and reversionary clause shall be a covenant running with the land herein described, and shall bind the Buyer and Buyer’s respective heirs, successors or assigns. This declaration shall create privity of contract and/or estate with and between the Ipswich Public School District and Buyer, and Buyer’s heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns. The Ipswich Public School District expressly reserves the right to judicially enforce this restrictive covenant and reversionary provision.

for the sum of:

Lots 1-3, Block 1 -- $10,275.00 each lot
Lots 1-6, Block 2 -- $10,650.00 each lot


Property Location

4th Ave & 9th Street, Ipswich, SD

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